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Why are virtual machines used on a large scale?

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  • Why are virtual machines used on a large scale?

    I have heard that several people prefer using virtual machines but don't know the exact reason why? Please list the reasons to allow me also to think on this.

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    Virtual machines are a cost effective option for users to obtain a private hosting environment than going with a fully dedicated server.


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      If you require facilities of a server to more extent rather than the resources, virtual machines are good.

      Also, you get an access to redundancy and scalability without the need to maintain your own infrastructure.

      Suppose you are planning for a standalone server and require more RAM and storage then you will have to face downtime.

      In modern virtualisation with clustering and cloud infrastructure being so readily available now, it's the way forward for many people/businesses.


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        As per my knowledge I think it's mainly focusing on price. Suppose I simply opt for weak hosting service with just basic functionalities, support and security can be left optional.


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          Basically speaking, it's cost efficient as you can have less resources at low cost. But there are people as well as businesses that are ready to pay high price for a virtual setup than renting a standalone dedicated server. The reason behing this is, it offers high flexibility and leaves the complete managment of hardware configuration in the hands of the supplier.


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            The reason I see many techies mainly prefer VM's is because it allows them to experiment with open source network stimulation tools that run on various OS.