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Point a domain owned to my VPS

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  • Point a domain owned to my VPS

    I am new to web hosting. I have a small VPS from one host and own a domain from another host. I have set up IIS on my VPS and also my folders (log folders, website files, etc.). But I am unable to point the domain to my VPS in order to open up index.html file in my folder when someone accesses the domain.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Leave the DNS management for your domain name to your host provider. This means you aren't using nameservers. Update the dns zone file a record to the public IP address of your server.


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      To point your domain name to your vps you need to:

      1) Login to your registrar's account and create 2 sub-domains for your desired domain. You can call them and

      2) Point your newly created ns1 and ns2 to your server ip address (note: some registrars will require you to have 2 unique IP addresses)

      3) Change your domain's dns servers again from your registrar's control panel to your newly created and

      It might take up to 24 hours for all changes to take effect.


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        You can do one thing either point your domain to other provider's DNS server and create your records through the DNS section of the control panel or maybe continue using your current DNS services. If you are continuing then ensure that you create an A record to point the domain and any subdomains to your IT address.