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Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions from bodHOST

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  • Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions from bodHOST

    Disaster recovery (DR) is the backbone of online business continuity planning and no business can ignore it when planning an IT strategy. When a natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake strikes your data hosting facility, or in case of a man made disaster like a terrorist attack, your data can be lost forever. And it can be impossible to recover from the loss - there have been examples of businesses who have had to forever close their doors for lack of a proper DR strategy.

    Cloud computing has enabled a faster, more robust solution - Cloud DR. You can benefit from all the inherent facilities provided by a cloud setup for your data protection. There is no need to invest in buying additional infrastructure or data center space to accommodate your DR - which means greater savings for you. Cost of a DR solution has been the reason why lot of SMBs have not been able to build a DR for their business. They now have access to DR solutions due to the economies of scale provided by the cloud. You just have to subscribe to a DR service without worrying about the hardware, infrastructure and maintenance costs.

    Although the concept is attractive, you need to proceed with caution. Not every cloud provider will offer you a DR solution that meets all your requirements perfectly. Reliability of the cloud provider, its availability and ability in terms of technology and expertise are key elements to consider before signing up with a cloud DR service.

    A true disaster recovery solution has to be safe from any potential disasters. So check if the data center hosting your DR cloud is safely located away from possible natural disasters and man-made disasters.. The DR data center should have uninterrupted power supply, multi-level security system to protect the servers and the data residing on them. The data center and the DR facility also needs to be separate from each other. A common guideline is for at least a 90 mile distance between the two.

    The cloud DR provider has to be reliable enough so you know they have the technology to deliver what they promise. There should be procedures to implement the DR plan should it become necessary - it is advisable that you and the provider test the process by using an alternate location, operating from a hosted site, and loading your stored data.

    Define RTO and RPO
    When you sign the Service Level Agreement (SLA), among other things, clearly define the recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives. Cloud-based solutions can provide a faster time to recovery (the duration of time and a service level within which a business process must be restored after a disaster). At the same time, realistic and attainable RPOs (which indicates the level of data loss measured in time that a company is willing to accept when disaster strikes) are essential to any business continuity plan.

    Data Security & Transfer
    You have to be sure that the data will be securely transferred and users authenticated properly. They need to implement good levels of data encryption. In the event of a disaster, you have to know who is authorized to do what and how? Who has access to your information? The cloud DR provider who has access to your data should have the protocols in place to avoid accidental or planned breaches in security with regards to your data and systems.

    Access to Data
    To be easily able to access your data, does the cloud DR service give you any kind of interface to log in and to check your data to ensure the data’s integrity? So they have a 24x7 technical support system in case you have any questions or problems?

    When it comes to disaster recovery, you should ask as many questions as you can to ensure that your DR solution will act as a lifesaver if and when the time comes. Damage control in times of disaster is the key responsibility of any good cloud DR service provider- but how speedily, smoothly and efficiently they handle the process makes the real difference.

    bodHOST provides robust cloud disaster recovery solutions and our autoscaling proprietary Cloud Hosting platfrom, eNlight Cloud.