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Want to setup forward proxy on Windows server for outgoing HTTP and HTTPS requests?

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  • Want to setup forward proxy on Windows server for outgoing HTTP and HTTPS requests?

    A windows server 2012 VPS is running a web app behind Cloudflare that needs to initiate outbound connections depending upon user actions. The problem that occurs is that due to this my server's IP address gets leaked increasing the risk of DDOS attacks.

    I need to prevent my server's IP from being discovered by setting up a forward proxy. I have researched a lot and found it's quite difficult and requires setting up another VPS which will act as a proxy. But I am ain't sure that whether this will help forward proxy VPS to run Windows. Will have to opt for paid services that will act as a forward proxy for my server.

    Also, the suggested IIS forward proxy plugin, Application Request Routing (ARR) does not work for HTTPS.

    Is there a solution for both types of outgoing (HTTPS and HTTP) requests?

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    It would be efficient for scaling but would be annoying to setup worker queue or pub/sub. You will need to get another server (VPS/Dedicated/Cloud) and then setup the worker queue and the later can be managed with Redis. ( open-source BSD licensed message broker). Create a new code for accepting connections from your server. If someone on your main website requires a fetch, an API request will be send to the new server. This will put it into pub/sub and another piece of code on the new server will be waiting for jobs and when one is received (for fetching), it will be downloaded and will alert your original server to fetch it. And then you can fetch it.


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      Simply ask for DDoS protected IP if your host offers it.