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Problem with the storage pool in windows server 2012

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  • Problem with the storage pool in windows server 2012


    I am facing a problem with the storage pool in Windows Server 2012. I have created several disks on the pool and while restarting the server some disks aren't attached automatically. Is it due to high number of disks? How many disks can be attached at a time?

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    With Windows Server 2012 R2, a storage pool can contain up to 240 physical disks. Please refer the below knowledgebase post for more information. In case problem persists, please contact us via Live Chat or feel free to ask your questions here…

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      Thanks for your quick reply Jeremy. But my problem is that when I go to Server Manager> File and Storage Services > Storage Pools, I see list of faulty disks with a yellow triangle sign besides them. The drives are shown unknown in properties. And when I right-click and select attach the disk comes online with all content on it default. But after the second restart it continues with the same problem. Now, can you guide me to resolve this issue?


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        Hi Elizabeth,

        Did you try swapping your drives to a different port? If not, try it may be that will help you.