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Sick Of Your Dedicated Server Crashing? Put a stop to BAD Servers!

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  • Sick Of Your Dedicated Server Crashing? Put a stop to BAD Servers!

    You wake up, walk to your computer, pull up your webpage. Then it hits you; overnight your “not so dedicated” server decided it was gonna call it quits and crash. Now, you have had traffic bouncing from your website, losing you potential affiliate income, or visits to your local business.

    No worries, i’ve been there before. Its frustrating, but not the end of the world. We have developed a two point checklist, to ensure that you never have to wake up to a “down” site again.

    1. Check the online reviews!

    Chances are, if you're about to do business with a dedicated server company, you're not there first customer. Make sure to just type in the company's name and then place “reviews” after that in Google to see what others have to say about the business. For me, this is standard procedure (and my first step in the vetting process) when it comes to doing ANY kind of business online.

    Also, this gives you an opportunity to see what the company is excelling in; and what they are struggling with. For example, let's say that “good customer support” is a must have for you when doing business with a dedicated server company. You pull up the companies reviews and it says “they have really bad support”, BOOM, now you know the truth about that company; and can avoid doing business with them.

    2. Sometimes the “best” price can be dangerous!

    Price indicators can take you very far when looking for a company you can trust to provide a dedicated server for your beloved websites. Let me explain, sometimes when new companies “pop up” with the best pricing you have seen in the market; and they are offering the quickest site loading speeds, you can be sure something is up. Every once in awhile you’ll find a gem, willing to host your site for peanuts while still delivering a killer service. Unfortunately This is not usually the case.

    Most of the time, these new companies popping up with low prices and crazy promises are fly by night. They will stay in business for a couple months, or until they are happy with the amount of people they have duped. Then, they will go out of business taking your money with them (bummer right?).

    In order to avoid being took by one of these companies, try and do business with a company that is trusted, has been around for a long time and has glowing reviews (even if the price is a little higher).

    Thanks for sticking with us through the whole article! If you have any questions, just let me know in the comments. Also, how do you guys make sure your getting quality dedicated servers?