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Why are dedicated servers costlier than the cloud ones?

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  • Why are dedicated servers costlier than the cloud ones?

    I would like to know why are dedicated servers costlier than the cloud ones?

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    Mainly because of the Maintenance and availability. for cloud servers, maintenance and configuration is done to a very large extent by the cloud provider and you don't have to care about it. You can buy a few extra servers at the peak time - to manage the surge in traffic - and when the traffic is under control, remove those servers and you are charged only for the peak time.


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      Dedicated Servers is what you own and Servers on Cloud is what you rent. Dedicated servers are nothing ,but, the hardware infrastructures which has to be purchased and set up in house to run the data center.


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        To understand this you have to understand how a cloud machine actually runs. Cloud machines generally use much more expensive hardware, but that hardware is able to serve many more clients. It's not generally as simple as a 1:many ratio of physical servers to cloud servers.

        Now, why are dedicated servers more expensive? Because instead of sharing all of the hardware and software described above and paying only a small fraction of its cost (and getting only a small portion of its capacity,) you are getting physical hardware with physical hard drives that will sit in a physical cabinet and have physical connections, each of these increase cost.


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          Main difference would be utilization factor. It makes a large amount of difference if server is utilized on 25-35% (most of the dedicated servers) and cloud (>50%).


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            Originally posted by JustinW07 View Post
            I would like to know why are dedicated servers costlier than the cloud ones?
            Basically, cost depends on the type of business solution you are seeking. It’s an inaccurate perception that dedicated servers are costlier than cloud solutions. Both of these solutions can be affordable or expensive in some cases, it totally depends on what type of infrastructure you wish to build.

            Let me know your requirements at least briefly so I can offer you the best possible solution to match your business needs.
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              You can also read the article here as it's giving detailed explanation about why dedicated servers are costlier than cloud ones?