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  • What is Plesk Power Pack?

    Hello I have a windows dedicated server with bodhost and I have been looking at the addon called Plesk Power Pack every-time I think of upgrading, however have never used it and have no idea what it does or can be used for.. Will it be helpful to increase the performance of my server or what?

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    Hello Eric,

    Plesk Power Pack is an addon feature used to control the MySQL Database from your control Panel and is mandatory to consider this addon if you wish to access your MYSQL from your Plesk control panel.

    Wish you a Happy New Year!
    Edward Stone Earn up to $350 with bodHOST Web Hosting Affiliate Program
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      Hello Edward wish you a Happy New Year

      I have found this post very much informative as I wanted to create MySQL Database but didn't had that much of knowledge about managing MySQL as well being a newbie. I would appreciate if you could help me understand how do I create a MySQL database in my control panel (cpanel)? Thank you!


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        Happy New Year to you too Danny,

        I am glad that this post was informative to you and I can surely help you create your databases.
        Whenever you want to create a database, clients are not aware that there are various another items that we need to do as well while creating database. The new database creation involves:

        1) Creating a database
        2) Creating a database user
        3) Giving your database user access to work with your database.
        Similarly for us, cPanel includes a MySQL Database Wizard that walks you through each of these steps..

        MySQL Database can be created in cPanel by using the MySQL Wizard:
        1) Log into your cPanel.
        2) Click MySQL database Wizard which is under the Databases heading.
        3) Next to New Database enter name for your database and click Next Step.
        4) Then bellow you need to enter the new password and re-enter it again and then click create user.
        On the next page you'll be able to assign privileges for the user to the database. You need to check the box next to All Privileges and the click next step. Your database is created!

        You can always feel free to contact our technical support team via Live Chat from our website if you need any assistance with this.
        Edward Stone Earn up to $350 with bodHOST Web Hosting Affiliate Program
        Contact us: | Email: sales[@]bodHOST[dot]com
        Ph: 866-662-0909, +1.302.294.5628


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          Hello everyone does anybody knows how do I login to MySql using Unix shell and also let me know what exactly is heap table what does it do?


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            Hello Jessi,

            HEAP Tables are there in memory and they are used for a high speed storage on the temporary basis.

            1) BLOB or TEXT Fields are not allowed.
            2) AUTO_INCREMENT is not supported by HEAP tables.
            3) Only the comparison operators can be used =, <, >, = >, =<
            4) Indexes should be NOT NULL

            And we can login through this command onto MySQL using Unix Shell:
            # [mysql dir]/bin/mysql -h hostname -u <UserName> -p <password>

            You can simply initiate a chat from our website in our technical support department just in-case if you need any further assistance..
            Happy New Year!

            Ross Taylor


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              Plesk Power Pack are server system add-ons that allow you to extend your service offerings and increase the flexibility of your control panel with robust add-on features and add-on products. Plesk Power Pack has a number of benefits.

              You can customize the interface in your preferred language and provide your customers with anti-virus and anti-spam software, as well as a new set of programs such as OSCommerce and Mambo CMS. Plesk Add-ons can be purchased individually or as part of a package that might help you save money.


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                Web presence builder, CMS application, e-commerce application, security, and remote server management are all included in the Power Pack for Plesk. The power pack is included by default in Windows Plesk VPS.


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                  Power Pack for Plesk extends the capabilities of your server with high-value add-ons for web presence, social media integration, e-commerce, mobility, security, remote server management, and more.

                  With Power Pack, you and your users can quickly build professional websites that can be e-commerce enabled, copied to Facebook, integrated with other social media services, and customized for access on mobile devices.

                  As a Panel administrator, you can benefit from server-side email antivirus protection, support for popular web and database technologies, and remote server monitoring management via smartphone.