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Sound Driver and Time Zone on Server

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  • Sound Driver and Time Zone on Server

    I would like install sound driver on my server, because I need to be able to hear the sound through remote desktop.

    I also want to be able set a specific time zone for each user, but currently the server can only handle one time zone only. Is there a way to set a particular time zone for each user?

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    You can install the audio drivers from the following URL. You also need to reboot the server once the installation is complete.

    Regarding the Time Zone issue, you cannot set a specific time zone for each user because the time zone setting usually configured server wide as itís to be stored in HKLM registry hive.

    However, you can configure the different time zone for users using terminal services but then you will need to purchase the terminal license for the server. But, this is applicable to older versions of Microsoft operating systems only.


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      Audio driver’s issue is now solved. But for specific time zone I cannot use older version Windows OS. Could we now determine a solution for time zone? I was searching and it seems there is a method that when you access through remote desktop it captures the time zone from the local PC. So each user can have own local time on remote desktop.

      Just for clarification. The goal is to either have the remote desktop capture the time from the local PC. So whatever the time zone on the local machine is should also be on the remote server. For example, currently my time is Pacific Time, but when I use remote desktop, the time is Eastern Time. Now if a user from Eastern Time goes to the server they should still see eastern. But at the same time if some logs in from Pacific Time, then the time should be Pacific Time. So it should depend on from where the user accessing the remote server. In short, each user should have own time zone when they access remote server.


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        You need to configure time zone redirection. Also, install remote desktop session host role. Once you made the appropriate changes, reboot the server and then check the time zone. IMO, this should resolve your time zone issue.