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    I have develop a website for articles. Currently, number of articles are less but in future we are going to add more number of articles. I also want to add videos later on. Can you let me know the server you which will be best suited for me taking the future requirements in account?

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    OK Fine. Do you have any idea about the resources that you website will consume? Anyway, I would recommend you to check our VPS hosting plans as well as managed dedicated hosting packages to compare which solution meets your demand. For your information, with our any web hosting plan it is easy to upgrade or downgrade hosting account according to the requirements.
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      At the initial stage, since the number of articles are less and the traffic would be also low, I would recommend you to opt for a shared hosting solution. If you believe that a shared hosting can't suffice your current needs, then you can think of a VPS, however, it could be a bit costly. There are also other plans available in the market such as business hosting which can suffice your needs.


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        First of all it is important to assess the requirements of your website in terms of bandwidth and web space. As you are saying that the number of articles is less at present, a Linux or Windows based shared hosting platform may be the best option for you. As the number of articles increases on your website and you are in need of more hosting resources, you may switch to a VPS hosting package.


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          Given that you currently have only articles which would not consume much resource a shared server wold be sufficient. However, you wish to add videos in the future so depending upon the size of videos you can upgrade later.
          Buying a high end server now would be an overkill since you do not need that much resource for now.


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            It seems that you are planning to upload the videos,so it will require more space & bandwidth.Instead of going for Dedicated server ,I will suggest you that go for cloud server or VPS with higher configuration in low cost.Both will accomplish your current & future requirements.if you want further inforamation please visit our website: and

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