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How to enable Shared SSL for a domain.

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  • How to enable Shared SSL for a domain.

    Following are the steps to enable/configure Shared SSL on your domain.If you are a reseller click to select the site you want to work with.

    1. Click on the Shared SSL icon in your control panel.

    The page displayed will give you the name of the domain that the SSL will be listed on, for example "Shared SSL link on domain"

    2. You will see a check box labeled "switch on shared SSL" which you should click to select.

    3. You will also see a field labeled "Virtual Directory Name" which would be the name displayed in the URL,

    for example:

    4. Enter the virtual directory name you wish to use.

    5. Below that is a drop down selection for the target directory. You can choose either /httpsdocs or /httpdocs.

    /httpdocs is the default directory your sites web pages are located in as standard, which /httpsdocs is a seperate directory reserved just for secure pages. We recommend you choose this one.

    6. Finally, a check box for require SSL. Selecting this option will ensure that the secure directory can only be viewed with SSL which we also recommend.

    7. After configuring the options above click OK.

    After uploading content to the directory you chose as your target directory you should be able to browse to

    Harry A.

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    How do I enable SSL on my domain?
    1. Go to the Websites & Domains tab.
    2. In the section for the domain name, you want to use, click Show More.
    3. Click Hosting Settings.
    4. In the Security section, select SSL support.
    5. Select the Certificate you created, and then click OK.


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      Thanks for sharing the answer about enabling Shared SSL for a domain.