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How SSDNodes make money?

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  • How SSDNodes make money?

    Hello, I noticed SSDNode's website with amazing (too good to be true) costs for a year. Other providers charge much more than SSDNodes' prices for a month.
    So, my question is, how do SSDNodes profit from this?

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    In most situations, SSDnodes offers attractive pricing when you sign up for their multiple payment cycle, which is what they normally market on their promotions. I've been using them since 2018 for largely development tasks and have had no problems. I don't have much experience with all of their locations since they've grown, but the current VM I'm using is in Dallas, which was one of their early location offers, so I can't comment on the other 7 places they promote.
    To answer your question about how they can offer lower monthly pricing, you will notice that most three methods with a price per year of $99 will cost you around the same price per month if you switch to a month-to-month billing cycle at checkout, which is why they market the price point as incredibly low based on your longer commitment.


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      If you look at SSDNodes on TrustPilot, you'll see that things don't look so well for that hosting firm


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        I believe they oversell RAM. I have a development server with them, and there is a noticeable lag when I SSH in after not logging in for a time. But it's great after that and definitely worth the money. I'm sure they oversell CPU, but that's something everyone does.
        I've had to submit tech support requests twice in the last year (for separate difficulties), but both times they were resolved within a half-hour. At work, I use far more costly suppliers that can take hours simply to notice a ticket.

        Originally, they were using older E5 Xeon servers, which made a lot of sense - purchase used servers, load them with fresh SSDs and inexpensive used RAM, add KVM, and you've got a company.

        They seem to be running newer Xeon Silver (and, in Dallas, Xeon Gold) servers now, so it must be paying for itself. Obtaining a year (or three) in advance must be simpler than selling by the hour. I wouldn't put my whole company on them, but I wouldn't put my entire business on AWS either.


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          - They provide competitive prices for 3-year and 1-year periods.
          Of all, it is unreasonable to expect to use all of the CPU and memory 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
          It serves as a development tool for me. For years, there were no problems. I never contacted their customer service. The billing service was fast to respond and helpful with two difficulties I encountered.
          I utilize less than 500MB of the 24GB RAM, so it is idle, even though I have set up MySQL, mongo, rabbitmq, Redis, Memcached, and so on... However, anytime I run certain intensive procedures or benchmarks, the results are fantastic!
          I also want to utilize it for non-critical project production and as a backup for other sites. I also want to utilize it in production in a cluster as part of a "multi-cloud" design.


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            Hi, there is only one method - PTP (Paid to Promote). Earn money by running a traffic exchange on a VPS at all hours of the day and night.
            This technique may be used by the vendor on unused infrared.