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  • Website Monitoring Tool.

    Pingdom monitors whether websites and servers are up and working fine. When an error occurs, its send notifications via email, text (SMS), Twitter. Many of its features and add-ons have made it widely used, trusted application.

    I have multiple websites hosted on a dedicated server. Downtime is my major concern. Will this tool be of good help to me. Any suggestions/comments/experience will be a help Thank You

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    Pingdom helps you track the uptime of your website by offering a wide range of services designed for monitoring your websites uptime. It is one of your best choices if you wish to keep your websiteís availability supervised and maintained.
    There is also a free trail The free trial and itís possible to try the service out before you pay for it and find out whether or not itís any good for your needs Well_Done


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      For a better website monitoring tool, you can also check out 100pulse. It's a free website monitoring service which avails you a free monitoring tools to find the site's uptime/downtime stats.

      Instant notifications are sent to the website owners when the site experiences downtime/response time issues.


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        As I'm using Sematext Cloud is an all-in-one log management and monitoring solution that provides end-to-end visibility and observability. When it comes to website monitoring, the suite offers a real user monitoring (RUM) solution, Sematext Experience, and a synthetic monitoring tool, Synthetics.


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          I think Google Analytics is one of the best tools for monitoring websites.


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            Just like physical brick and mortar businesses, websites, and e-commerce websites don’t run themselves. They need to be maintained, serviced, updated, and secured against threats.

            There are many aspects to the successful delivery of a website over the internet that could go wrong. Your site could also be vulnerable to hacker attacks and any number of hardware and software issues on the server or hosting service could render the site unavailable. The idea is to keep your website constantly available by heading off any potential problem.

            A solid website monitoring system should be able to provide important metrics about site traffic, such as uptime, latency (response times), load times, load balancing, website health, and infrastructure capacity.


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              these are some of the advantages of website monitoring?
              • Maintaining high website conversions.
              • Keeping the customer journey seamless.
              • Improving user satisfaction.
              • Preventing downtime, system errors, and crashed pages.
              • Protecting user and company data from cyberattacks and data breaches.