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The performance of Ssdnodes is decreasing.

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  • The performance of Ssdnodes is decreasing.

    Hello, everyone! I'd like to point out that I have more than 6 VPSs to SSD nodes, and I'm hoping to add more this year.
    I've noticed that certain hosting sites have been slowing down in recent days. I tried marketing on another website and got the same result. Then I ran a benchmark and saw that my Nvme performance io bench has increased from 5 Gbps to 200 MBPS.

    So I called my support team, who informed me that my server had been manually slowed down a few weeks ago and that I now have to submit a ticket every time I want it unthrottled to them. That's exactly what I did, and everything went back to normal. This happened a couple of times more.

    Then it happened again last week, with the same 400-500mbps numbers, and they informed me it was normal VPS behavior because resources are shared. And they are unable to stop it. So, all of a sudden, the performance of all of my apps plummeted because SSD nodes chose to oversell. To cut a long tale short, it was a dream come true.

    P.S. Do you have any suggestions for a new home? Pricing is reasonable, however, I don't require more than 10GB of RAM per server.

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    400 MBPS is a typical and good figure, and most of the time you will not be able to use all of it without first reaching the CPU's maximum speed.
    How many sites do you have running on a single VPS? How many processors do you have? What is the current load? It's possible that your issue isn't caused solely by the IO.


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      Do you have any suggestions for a bech I could run before I provide those? To have proper metrics, as my current ones don't track CPU performance.


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        Yes, 400 MBPS is a very fast VPS, and if you need 1GBPS, a dedicated server is probably the best option, but it will be quite expensive.


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          Brother, I will say 400 MBPS is good speed on VPS.


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            Instead of looking at serial read/write performance, you may consider looking at random read/write performance. It is practically seldom used in places where it is not. Your IOPS count is most likely low.


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              VPS performance is frequently hidden behind the pricing. Low prices frequently result in resource throttling. You will need to invest a significant amount of money on a VPS if you want constant performance.

              However, in this circumstance, your IO demand appears to necessitate the use of a dedicated server. I'm curious as to what kinds of apps you run on VPS that require more than 300 MB/s disc access.


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                The same thing happened to me with ssdnodes. The server was really fast at first, and I believed I had gotten a good deal.
                But the server got slower month after month, and support moved my node twice, but the server was slow or unusable again soon after. Fortunately, my contract with them was just for a year.
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