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Benefits of the SIP server

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  • Benefits of the SIP server


    While browsing on the Internet I've found below list of SIP server's benefits.
    • Proceed to TOIP and save up to 40%
    • Helpline
    • Single Number
    • Easy to Update
    • Easy to install, configure and manage
    • Easy to calculate: one license per user
    • Compliance with industry standards
    • Routing selection of operators
    • Remote Access and Teleworker


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    SIP communication server includes all the classic features of the PBX, such as unified messaging, IVR, personal assistant, file waiting and a management system operating on the principle of the web portal 'plug & play. With SIP Server you can connect from a laptop or a Wi-Fi phone anywhere in worldwide.


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      Thanks logenWilson for this information.


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        now i am using ip telephone,Broadsoft Hosted-PBX , Custom IVR Applications etc for better communication.


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          Sip server

          An SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunk is a service that allows businesses with an installed PBX to use real-time communications including VoIP. By connecting an SIP trunk to an internal traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network) phone system, companies can communicate over IP outside the enterprise. What’s more, companies can replace traditional fixed PSTN lines with an IP phone system connected externally through an SIP-trunking service.


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            There are many other benefits of SIP server such as it can reduce the costs of hardware media gateways, ongoing support and maintenance costs of hardware media gateways, recurring costs for multiple circuits and reduces cost over the subscription of voice channels.

            Some other benefits includes the increased flexibility to meet business requirements, freeing up resources for various functions by reducing telecom costs. It also increases the voice quality of call among IP-based entities and allows you to integrate with business applications.

            Due to the several benefits, demand for VOIP services is growing. By adopting SIP service you might disappoint your current telecom service provider, but end up with big savings on money that could be utilized to increase the productivity of other projects.


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              New Integrated applications, since, voip is digital it may provide features and services that are not available with a traditional phone. Also, user attributes move with you as soon as you log-on to any available voip capable device like computer system, mobile phone, ip phone, etc...


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                Thanks for sharing the community answers about the Benefits of the SIP server. It would be helpful to me.


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                  Hello Lindy,
                  Here are a few advantages of SIP trunking.
                  1. Cost Savings
                  2. Immediate ROI
                  3. Global Potential & Mobility
                  4. Unified Communications
                  5. Mobility
                  6. Network Consolidation
                  7. No More Physical Infrastructure
                  8. No Costly Hardware Investments
                  9. Reliability
                  10. Simple Management