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How to start Virtuozzo VPS via SSH

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  • How to start Virtuozzo VPS via SSH

    How to start Virtuozzo VPS via SSH

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    Hello David,

    Virtuozzo is a software application which use for server virtualization at enterprise level and allows an administrator to create virtual environments on a host computer at the operating system (OS) layer.

    Consider the ID of the VPS is 1234 hence use the following command to start vzctl start 1213



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      1. Run your FTP-client with SFTP protocol support. We use FileZilla as an example, therefore, navigate to the Edit > Settings menu item.
      2. In the opened window, navigate to the SFTP section. Select the Add keyfile button and choose your previously saved private SSH key. Click OK.
      3. After that, navigate to the File > Site Manager menu item.
      4. In the opened window, click the New site button and specify the following parameters:
      • in the Host field state your SSH host (gate.{hoster_domain})
      • in the Port field enter 3022 value.
      • choose SFTP in the Protocol drop-down list.
      • choose Normal Logon Type.
      • in the User field, enter the Node ID of the desired container (can be seen in the particular environment’s containers list in the separate nodeid column via SSH console) and your User ID (number before @ symbol in your SSH connection string) separated with a hyphen. Finally, click the Connect button.