First letís download Zend and run the installer. You can also download more versions of Zend optimizer from Now, we will see the installation of Zend "version 2.6.2".

#cd /usr/local/src
#tar -zxvf ZendOptimizer-2.6.2-linux-glibc21-i386.tar.gz
#cd ZendOptimizer-2.6.2-linux-glibc21-i386

1) Once prompted with the welcome screen just hit ok.

2) Just agree to the liscence.

3) Again agree to the liscence.

4) Select where to install zend, default /usr/local/Zend is fine.

5) Confirm your php.ini path, the setup should find the path if it does not you may find it by executing `php -i | grep php.ini`

6) This guide was designed for using an apache webserver, so select yes.

7) The setup should find your apachectl, if it is unable to you will find this by executing `whereis apachectl`

8) Just hit ok for the configuration changes.

9) Just hit ok for the installation complete.

10) Just hit ok to restart the web server now.

11) You should see something like this , just give it a few minutes to restart apache.

12) Apache should successfully restart and you can just hit ok to exit out of the installer, Zend Optimizer should now be fully installed.