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Best dedicated server for reselling...anyone?

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  • Best dedicated server for reselling...anyone?

    Anyone can suggest me some good dedicated servers for reselling purpose?

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    Linux Dedicated Server with Cpanel and whmcs is a popular choice in dedicated servers today. With Linux you will be able to fully customize your web server and have it installed and running in a short period of time. They not only provide an affordable way to maintain a server, but they provide the business with a greater stability as well.


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      Depending on your intended audience and your type of sites there are many choices. Remember if it seems too good to be true it probably isn't true. Choose your host wisely.


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        You need to choose what countries you need to work on and what kinds of specifications for the server do you want.


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          For reseller hosting, my suggestion would be to go for Linux Dedicated Server with Cpanel and whmcs. This could make your life much easier to operate and serve your clients.


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            Any Linux based dedicated server with WHM c-Panel is always recommended for re-seller hosting. It allows you to create shared hosting accounts for your customers using the control panel. You can create and manage the accounts created for customers using the (WHM) Admin control panel available. You can have the WHM access so that you can manage the resources for your customers. The best part of having a WHM access is that you can act or work as a hosting company if you have proper hosting knowledge.

            Dedicated Hosting is a high-cost and also high-resource hosting server, wherein you become your own web hosting company. Your clients are each given control panels of their own and you are allowed to brand these to suit your company’s image, so that your customers will never know they are hosting with the provider you’re using as a Re-seller.