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Who would require a dedicated IP address?

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  • Who would require a dedicated IP address?

    Any website owner needs a dedicated IP address owing to various reasons. Some of the prominent reasons include-
    • You are looking to maintain a secure site using SSL certificates
    • Your website faces high traffic volume along with dedicated resources
    • The website needs to be accessed using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) regularly
    Using a Dedicated IP Address for SSL Certificates- If a user is building an eCommerce website, it is evident that customers will enter their banking and personal information. To secure this information, that must be done with SSL certificates. Therefore, having a dedicated IP address for getting an SSL certificate installed on an eCommerce site.

    Using a Dedicated IP Address for High Traffic Volumes- It doesn’t matter what type of site you have. If it faces high traffic volume on a regular basis, then you might be willing to get a dedicated IP address. With a dedicated IP address and dedicated hosting, your website will maintain your website speed and performance during high traffic sessions.

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    A dedicated IP can be useful for a variety of reasons, including enabling access to your website when the DNS is not configured, enhancing performance during periods of heavy traffic levels, and added effect. A dedicated IP is essentially equivalent to having your own online id number.


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      So What is a Dedicated IP?

      In the context of Web Hosting dedicated IP addresses are those assigned to a single owner. It is the unique identifying address of that particular domain on the Internet.

      There are many advantages to this method of addressing and routing. Yet, with an increasing number of devices connected to the internet, IP addresses are running out.

      At the end of the day, a dedicated IP address is often a non-essential feature but one that can bring a lot of benefits.

      Dedicated IP Benefits are as follows:

      1. easy site access
      2. More server control
      3. Hardened security
      4. Better email deliverability