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Is there a way to find the source of spam emails in cPanel?

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  • Is there a way to find the source of spam emails in cPanel?

    when I checked with mxtoolbox, my server IP is in email blacklist, it is UCEPROTECTL3 but I don't know why my server ip or my mail was marked as spam. Can anyone shoot me where to check or how to solve this problem?

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    Hi David,

    Finding the source of the email can be tricky However, one thing you can do is check your exim logs via WHM >> View Mail Statistics Summary and see the top 50 senders by volume. This may show you which account is sending way to much email compared to all others most likely it's spam by sending lots of mail to many different emails at once.

    Once you find the top sender take a look at their mailbox and see if you find anything suspicious on it. As for being delisted from the blacklist of UCEPROTECTL3 they don't allow you to request a delist from my knowledge. However, they will auto remove your IP from the blacklist as soon as they dont detect any more spam email coming from your IP.

    If you still are not able to find the source I would recommend you contact your hosting provider or the team at cPanel to help you. Thanks!