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How do I establish recovery priority for my applications?

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  • How do I establish recovery priority for my applications?

    How do I establish recovery priority for my applications as those applications are bit critical once.

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    Safeguarding critical applications against catastrophic scenarios demand right strategies, approach and technology. Businesses need to figure out the priority of their applications that they utilize to commence varied work operations. Level of dependency of an application helps in determining the criticality of that application. Restoring active directory, security & authentication applications, backup server and backup applications are ostensibly critical for a business, and are required to be restored before restoring anything else.



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      Hello Nikhil,

      Disaster Recovery Plan Goals
      • Minimize risk. Before you create a disaster recovery plan, perform a risk assessment to uncover vulnerabilities in your current system.
      • Resume operations quickly. Your systems need to be available to you and your customers as soon as possible. Your plan should include solutions for accessing the system without needing physical access — such as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform and redundant data storage that can be accessed anywhere.
      • Maintain industry compliance. Depending on your industry, you likely have specific regulations to uphold. Your disaster recovery plan should reduce your risk of incurring penalties for failing to meet compliance obligations.
      • Address concerns of employees, owners, and investors. Your disaster recovery plan should help business leaders, owners, employees, and investors feel at ease knowing your company is secure. Write down the top concerns from each of these groups so you know which liabilities need to be addressed if a disaster occurs.