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    Can anyone help me with how do I protect my website from spamming..?


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    Hi Mrudul,

    There are some solutions that can be done to protect you from spamming.
    • .Make sure your content management system script is always updated to the latest stable version.
    • A good option available online is the ReCaptcha plugin for WordPress. Install a captcha plugin for getting protected from spam.
    • WordPress has a program preinstalled against spam – Akismet.

    Before you install Akismet on your blog, you need the WordPress API key with you. If you are registered on the official page of WordPress. You will get an API key in your WordPress dashboard. If you do not see the key, you must register at the official blog of WordPress. Once you got registered with the website, you will receive a welcome email as well as your API key within your e-mail.



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      5 Simple Ways You Can Spam and Protect Yourself
      1. Never give out or post your email address publicly
      2. Think before you click
      3. Do not reply to spam messages
      4. Download spam filtering tools and anti-virus software
      5. Avoid using your personal or business email address
      There are numerous strategies to avoid becoming a spam victim. The most important thing to remember is to be cautious while opening emails. Always double-check that the emails you open are from reputable sources and do not appear suspicious. If you get any questionable emails, forward them to Singapore Computer Incident Response Team (SingCERT) for examination.


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        Hello Mrudul,

        Millions of websites are spammed every day across the globe. Spammers and hackers' primary focus is exploiting vulnerabilities; all it takes is a few compromised websites and systems.
        We all know about unsolicited contacts and spam emails; it's annoying and time-consuming trying to block each one of them.
        Spending time blocking them one by one is ineffective because of the complexity of some of these spammers.

        Here are a few ways where u can prevent your website from getting spammed.
        • Secure your websites using SSL.
        • Use reCaptcha, but weak reCaptcha software can be exploitable. I recommend using Google with the latest no ReCaptcha.
        • Use a security question, but I believe this can be disappointed by any user who wants to get immediate content without any restrictions.