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What is name server?

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  • What is name server?

    Hi everyone, I need to know about the name server.

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    A name server is used to define an application that has the ability to implement a network service to provide prompt replies to the fetched queries against a directory service.


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      Name servers act as a directory, translating domain names to IP addresses. They make it simple to find information on the Internet. When you type a domain name into your browser's search bar (Chrome, Safari, etc.).

      The domain name is sent to a name server, which converts it to an IP address so the browser can find it. Your browser uses the IP address to access the server and load the site you request once the domain name is found in the name server.


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        What Is a Nameserver?

        When a user enters a URL in their browser, like “, there needs to be some way to connect that URL with the underlying web server that powers the website at that domain name.

        Think how difficult it would be if you had to enter the actual IP address of a web server every time you wanted to visit a website. You wouldn’t be able to remember whether it was or — it would be a mess!

        Nameservers play an important role in connecting a URL with a server IP address in a much more human-friendly way.

        Only instead of serving up a website, those nameservers help direct traffic.


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          I would like to answer the question - Name servers work as a directory that translates domain names into IP addresses. They make things easy to find across the Internet. When you type a domain name into the search bar of your browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.), the domain name hits the name server, which translates the domain name into the IP address so the browser can locate it. Once it’s found the domain name in the name server, your web browser uses the IP address to connect to the server and load the site you request.


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            An Internet server with a specific reason known as a name server requests or queries from your local computer about the locations of a domain name's numerous services. Using the analogy of a phone book can help you think about name servers more clearly. You could have remembered our phone number if you were trying to call bodHOST Hosting, but you should really look it up rather than just overthinking it.


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              A DNS server is a computer with a database containing the public IP addresses associated with the names of the websites an IP address brings a user to. DNS acts like a phonebook for the internet. Whenever people type domain names, like or, into the address bar of web browsers, the DNS finds the right IP address. The site’s IP address is what directs the device to go to the correct place to access the site’s data.

              Once the DNS server finds the correct IP address, browsers take the address and use it to send data to the content delivery network (CDN) edge servers or origin servers. Once this is done, the information on the website can be accessed by the user. The DNS server starts the process by finding the corresponding IP address for a website’s uniform resource locator (URL).