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  • Don't Expect Billing Help

    For the past three months BodHost has misapplied my PayPal payment. These errors cost me substantial time to correct. BodHost has admitted that these are their issue, and have promised (for three months in a row) that the issue will not recur.

    I'm frankly very impressed with the BH technical service, and have been a customer for more than 2 years. But this recent payment problem, and their lack of interest in supporting a paying customer is unacceptable.

    I'm told the only person at BH who can answer my question is "Mr. Sebastain" but that he's unavailable. Must be nice to run a business never daring to directly answer a customer's concern.

    This is now the third month in a row that BH internal accounting issues have cost me time and money.

    Consider yourself warned!
    Paying, but ignored customer.

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    We really apologize for your inconvenience. In regards to your issue, I've checked this with our In-house Development Manager and also have emailed to PayPal. Our Development team has finally located the error and fixed the bug. We assure you that from next time onwards you won't face such issues with billing.


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      Our In-house Web-Developer team has finally sorted the PayPal payment issue permanently . From now onwards, the received PayPal payment's will get automatically applied against the respective invoices under the client's account.