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  • Disaster and support

    I have been recieving fantastic support both live-chat and tickets on my Windows VPS and Plesk domain hosting. Quick and accurate, what more could I ask for.
    Let me tell you.
    Just try aborting a hung Plesk backup and find out that it corrupts all of your permissions on all of your files.
    Support can really shine then, and it did! it took a long time to restore, but 92 domains and 60 MB of data back where they belong even with a two corrupted backups (one Plesk and one Virtozzo).

    Well done.

    I now have three VPS's and well over 200 domains hosted with BodHost and am not looking anywhere else for contracted windows vps hosting.

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    You are always to ask the technical support team for help in whatever you need. I am sure the technical team would be happy to hear that your virtual server is all fixed
    Nick Watson,
    Manager - Quality Analysis

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