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  • NameServers

    Hello, everyone.
    Do I need two physical servers to set up two separate IP nameservers on a server?
    I ordered a VPS with an extra IP (which I intended to use for the second nameserver), but I'm not sure if it'll work.

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    If you have a Backup and recovery IP connecting to another server or are using load balancers, there is no reason to have two IPs pointing to the same server, in my opinion.
    However, I'd like to hear from more experts on this


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      Yes you can use the additional IP for your second nameserver


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        Yes, technically, but the only advantage is if one IP (but not the other) becomes unavailable for some strange reason. In all other circumstances, the behavior will be the same as if there were only one IP.


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          You have the ability to accomplish this.
          However, it will not be dependable.
          The concept of nameservers is that even if your server fails, your DNS will continue to function. If you use Google or Microsoft 365 for email and your server goes down, the two DNS servers are hosted on that server. Your emails are the same way.
          If you have a second DNS server in another DC on a different network that is up and running, your DNS should be fine and your emails should work until your main server gets back online.
          If you only need DNS for a few websites. Use Cloudflare or your domain provider's DNS.


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            For its poor write durability, the 840 EVO SSD is very slow, especially if it isn't brand new.
            The E3-1230v3 offers good single-core performance, but with only four CPU cores, a modern server with sixteen to 40 cores can be much faster.