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Programming languages used to develop cloud

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  • Programming languages used to develop cloud

    Can you list down the programming languages used to develop cloud?

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    Here are some of the programming languages used to develop cloud - SQL Data Language, XML Data Language and RMath Language.
    SQL Data Language - Oldest cloud programming language, SQL data is favored by many programmers. Database servers are basically based on SQL since it's an easy language and also very useful.

    XML Data Language - A popular data markup language, XML data language is used for the development of large-scale distributed systems.

    RMath Language - Mostly used for creating statistics, graphs and reports, RMath is a very handy language for big data analytics.


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      Lots of platform-specific differences also come from what libraries are available for a given platform.

      In practice, however, I think you will always develop on the same or at least very similar platform (operating system flavour) as the system where your code will run, i.e. the cloud will not take the source code and compile it for you before running it.

      Personally, I would go for Java or Python (probably also Ruby) as they have a vast number of libraries available for all kinds of tasks and are very platform independent.


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        The Haskell Functional Language -A functional language, Haskell is ideal for distributed computing. Haskell take-up in the cloud so far is patchy — perhaps Haskell is quite hard to learn.

        The Python procedural language - A high-level language designed to be readable, Python is an open source interpretive language that has been embraced by many in the scientific community for its easy learning and large set of scientific libraries.