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Securing the host layer in IaaS

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  • Securing the host layer in IaaS

    What are the security issues of securing the hosting layer in IaaS?

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    It's essential for the consumer to provide security for the middleware, Guest operating system and applications or software as a service layers. The service provider is responsible for offering security for any management control services and applications as well as the host OS provided.


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      To find if the consumer is getting the services and service level agreements that meet his needs is the responsibility of a consumer.
      It might happen that consumer wants to get the copy of the service provider's security control reports as well as other related information. The significant pointers the consumers wants to observe are access controls, authentication, data management and recovery, data sanitization, ownership of data, continuous monitoring, incident reporting and so on.


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        Host level security in IaaS systems in the public portion of the solution becomes a critical concern due to the exposure to third-parties and the Internet, and also by the rapid provisioning and de-provisioning of virtual machines.


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          The threats sourced from host (i.e., privilege domain) are result from monitoring,communication, or modification processes to VMs.


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            The virtual instance of the operating system is provisioned on the top of the virtualization layer and is visible to customers via internet. Customers have complete access to virtual servers. This applies to customer guest OS or virtual server security.