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Points to be considered while processing Online Transactions

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  • Points to be considered while processing Online Transactions

    These days password phishing has become very common in the internet world. Whenever you do an online transaction the first thing to ensure if it's the correct website. The reason being hackers create similar website to capture credentials on their page that leads in hijacking of your bank accounts.

    Secondly you have to ensure that all the payment transactions that you do are secured transactions via https. You should see the https in the URL that indicates that the data sent by that browser is encrypted and secure. You should NEVER do any payment transactions from a website with **http**.

    Avoid logging into your bank accounts or doing any kind of financial transactions from any internet cyber cafe. Even if you do ensure that you use virtual keyboard facility provided by your bank to log into your account. Reason being your credentials can be identified by the keyboard strokes and your account can be hijacked.

    It's always safe to use credit cards or bank accounts with additional security feature like OTP, Grid security feature on the card for any online transactions.

    Never save the password in the web browser to avoid hacking of your bank account.

    Shawn Davis
    Billing Department

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    Great piece of information for the online payers. Online transactions and online purchasing is not that easy these days, one has to be very careful with the links and the websites. Having said that most of our customers are watching the website closely before making any online transactions. As mentioned above one should always see the https part in the address bar which is the best habit. Few customers are least interested in the biling part, as they have a dedicated Finance department who takes care of all their payments to different vendors. Who ever does it please keep in mind the above points and proceed.

    Keep life simple and secure


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      Hello Rex,

      The above-mentioned is indeed a really vital piece of information to keep in mind while dealing with online payments.

      However, here's how I make sure that my payments are secure while making the payments.

      1. I regularly keep a check of my financial statements

      2. Turn on two-factor authentication

      3. Verify my payment recipient.

      4. Have a dedicated payment method for online transactions.

      6. I Look for SSL encryption.

      7. I Give just enough information on the site.

      8. to not re-use the same passwords.

      I hope you found this helpful.



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        Here are some tips for safe online transactions.

        1. Use advanced anti-malware program
        2. Watch out for security vulnerabilities in your PC
        3. Make sure you are using a secure connection
        When you are using a secured connection the URL begins with https://, but in all other cases it begins with http://. So make sure you are using https.

        4. Deal with reputed websites only
        5. Use credit cards for online shopping
        6. Do not use public computers
        7. Set a strong and complex password
        Don’t use common passwords or the password that can easily be guessed.
        Use a combination of alphanumeric and special characters and make sure the password length is more than 6 digits.