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bodHOST - The New Client Area / Billing Account Panel

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  • bodHOST - The New Client Area / Billing Account Panel

    Client area:

    bodHOST Client area consists of almost all the primary features like:

    • Home
    • Account details
    • Hosting details
    • Support
    • Manage eNlight
    • Shopping cart
    • Referral
    • Live chat

    Account details:

    In account details you have sub types’ options:

    1. My account: In which you can update your personal details which you can view in in your client area.
    2. Add contacts: Here you can add your additional contact details there you can give an permission to your addition contacts, like what all email you want to allow them and what all feature you want them to access in your absence. And these same details can be seen in My contacts.
    3. Credit card details: here you can safe your credit details if you want, which you wish to charge every time.
    4. Reset password: Here you can reset your client area password.
    5. Add my referral: you can add your referral list that you want to refer to bodHOST. And this referral you can view it Referral history.

    Hosting details:

    In hosting account you have another sub types options:

    1. Manage hosting packages: Here you can view your shared hosting packages.
    2. Manage products & services: If you have any addons packages here you can view it (backup, SSL, & etc).
    3. Manage Invoices: Here you can manage your paid and unpaid invoices.
    4. Mange domains: if you have any domain names in your billing area then you can manage those domain names from here.
    5. Emails: Here you can view which all email have been send from us.
    6. Credit notes: Here you can check where exactly your credit have been applied if you have any credit in your bodHOST account.


    Here are few other sub options:

    1. Manage support tickets: Here you can view and submit your new tickets if you have any query.
    2. Submit tickets: Here you can only raise new ticket by selecting exact department and with your exact query.
    3. View network status: Here you can view all the forum post which we have received from our clients.
    4. View knowledge: Here is the article and tips how you can secure your account from theft.

    Manage eNlight:

    From here you can view your eNlight total paid invoices, total amount paid, current balance, total credit added & total credit deducted.

    You can also raise an invoice to add funds to your account as well as you can create your new VM, manage existing VMs.

    Shopping cart:

    Here also you have some sub options:

    1. Shopping cart: From here you can order new services or you also view what all products have been added in your cart if you have added previously and forgot to process it further.
    2. Domain checker: Here you can check and order new domain name for yourself or you can also view domain extension price list.


    In this you have another two sub options:

    1. Referral history: If you have added any referral those referral information you can view in this list.
    2. Add my referral: From this you can add and earn referral bonus and what all referral you added here you can view them in your referral history.

    Live chat:
    You can initiate live chat to assist you further if you have any query regarding your services.
    We are here 24 hour 7 days a week and 365 days just to assist you.

    Because our clients are first priority!

    Ronal Brown
    bodHOST Billing Department