Experience and Expertise at bodHOST

bodHOST started its web hosting operations in the year 1999 at Chicago, IL. With basic experience and limited knowledge, bodHOST set its vision on evolving around the hosting technologies catering to customers from varied industries and businesses. Hosting service was initiated by offering shared hosting platform with user-friendly control panels, which would help customers to host their website with ease and also allow them to register top-level domains with the help of multiple business alliances with Domain Registrars.

Bare-Metal Servers by bodHOST

Over a period of time, bodHOST identified the need to offer dedicated hosting servers in most trusted data centers. Although, the reliability was always a concern for new customers which led bodHOST to further investigate on improving guaranteed server uptime on servers by introducing new technologies such as redundancy in network and selection of server hardware which were tested in multiple conditions.

With adoption of new server technology by Intel and AMD's in the form of Intel Xeon processors and AMD Opteron's, Bare-Metal servers are now hosted in state-of-the-art facility with latest redundant technologies and Multiple Network backbone providers to make sure all customers stay connected 24x7 and maintain 99.95% guaranteed uptime.

Virtual Private Servers: A new vision

With more innovation, technical expertise and utilization of its growing technology research strengths, bodHOST introduced virtual private servers (bare-metal clustered servers with software virtualization) which could host all Linux flavors in addition to windows server platform. These Virtual Private Servers allowed customers to have complete access over their servers which were similar to dedicated servers but were more affordable.

Innovative Cloud computing: eNlight and VMware cloud platform

However, delivery of more efficient servers, redundancy and world-class support always were a bare foot concept for bodHOST, which was followed by the most innovative and iNtelligent cloud computing platform – eNlight cloud, along with VMware cloud.

With complete access over the servers, enterprise businesses and customers can easily auto-scale their resources, predict their billing cycle and are based on pay-per-use model which reduces any IT infrastructure expenses by 50% and guarantees uptime at severe load instances.

Technical Expertise:

Few ideal concepts of high-security features (H/W or S/W), technical expertise and support were always a backbone of success for bodHOST. Our rich experience in the field of web hosting has helped us to deliver automated services. All our technically qualified support staff have been highly focused towards customer service since the inception of bodHOST.

bodHOST's management has always worked in functional hierarchy of expertise, whether you ask for a team dedicated to setups or re-assignment of tickets between multiple Level technical support engineers working 24x7 adhering to guaranteed response time of 30 minutes. This team of technical support engineers is backed by a team which focuses on keeping our customers informed or co-ordinates with higher level technical engineers ensuring timely and appropriate response to each support ticket raised by our customers.

bodHOST will always strive for newer technology, innovation and customer satisfaction.

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