Excellent Value

bodHOST does not make any preposterous claim such as "we are the best". What we do argue is that we provide rock-solid EXCELLENT VALUE for any company looking for Cloud Hosting. Period. And we are prepared to back it up with a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.

Auto Scaling Elasticity


Our patent-pending software automatically senses you applications' increasing and/or decreasing appetite for computing resources, and accordingly provisions or de-provisions the appropriate resources to meet your exact needs. So while bodHOST is not the only company offering state-of-the-art Cloud Hosting, we are currently unique in offering hands-off auto-scaling of virtual machine resources that is simply automatic, and requires neither complicated APIs, nor costly human intervention.

True Utility Billing Model

eNlight renders the bodHOST Cloud a true implementations of the utility billing model. The electricity company does not require you to intervene with them to make them supply less power to your facility when you switch off lights – it happens automatically. bodHOST provides the exact same "pay-per-consume" model charged by the minute. Our proprietary eNlight software automatically detects load and resource requirement of your applications, to optimize your consumption – so that you get billed for exactly what you really consume.

Diverse Array of Products

bodHOST provides a well-diversified array of products ranging from eNlight Cloud, VMware cloud, dedicated hosting and virtual private servers to delight and satisfy you with the exact solution you need. So whether you require traditional web hosting, or dedicated server hosting, or state-of-the-art Cloud hosting, bodHOST has just the right solution for you.

Software Modernization & Cloud Migration Services

Through our active participation in the Object Management Group (OMG), we bring to you automated application modernization services based on OMG's Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and Architecture Driven Modernization (ADM) standards. If you have slightly older software that is not quite amenable to cloud hosting, we can provide you with that software modernization service, which no other Cloud Hosting company currently provides. Our software modernization services assist you migrate your legacy software to the Cloud. We utilize the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) standard established by the Object Management Group (OMG) and use automated methodologies for reverse engineering your legacy code and forward engineering it to the Cloud.

Cross-Continental Disaster Recovery

Your data and processed need protection in case of a disaster. Your North American assets can be securely replicated in distant Europe, far enough to be shielded from most foreseeable disasters occurring in the United States or Canada. As an additional layer of protection, the same assets could also be safely replicated in India. The choice is yours. We have enough redundancy and flexibility to offer you a disaster recovery solution that will work in every situation.

Premier Data Centers

Our premier data centers provide the following features and capabilities:

  • Redundant Power Sources
  • Redundant Fiber Connectivity
  • OC12 & OC48 Connectivity
  • HVAC Environmental Monitoring
  • Secure Physical Access Control
  • Physical Escort for Onsite Visitors
  • Multiple Diesel Fuel Generators
  • Active Fire Prevention & Suppression
  • 24x7 Monitoring and Operational Support
  • Onsite System Administrators
  • Onsite Network Administrators/Engineers

Pricing Transparency

Our Cloud Computing Pricing Calculator provides true pricing transparency before you make any by decision.

Truly Blended, Scalable Architecture

bodHOST allows you to mix and match a custom hybrid solution containing Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Devices and anything else you might wish to configure. True flexibility. Configured behind one load balancer with a consistent security model.

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