DR Consultancy Services

Information Technology has become an indispensable part of organizational operations today, at each and every level. Technology is so deeply ingrained in every nook and cranny of every organization, that it won't be an exaggeration to say that businesses are now practically running on IT. This leads to the perpetual need to safeguard your technology architecture from potential threats and interruptions. The 1993 WTC Bombing in Manhattan led to complete failure of 150 businesses out of the total 350 businesses that were operating out of the WTC.

A total failure of such magnitude could take place because the organizations were not prepared for disruptions to their operations. This only proves that calamities, whether natural or manmade, can have disastrous implications on organizations and their business continuity. Thus, it is absolutely necessary to have a Business Contingency Plan to tackle and survive a disaster. bodHOST' IT Disaster Recovery Services enable customers to be better prepared and remain unaffected in terms of their business continuity, even during a disaster.

bodHOST Disaster Recovery Setup is based on 3 different modules:

  • Complete IT Infrastructure Setup at the DR Site

    bodHOST, during its solution design phase, carefully evaluates and categorizes the mission critical systems which are absolutely important to ensure Business Continuity in case of a calamity, and then charts out the hardware requirements for a robust DR setup. This is extremely vital as the DR site's Hardware Sizing depends on an organization's business requirements, and bodHOST' System Experts take due care to setup a DR site for you, which automatically acts as the primary site when disaster strikes.

  • Data Replication- Datacenter to Disaster Recovery Site

    To ensure Business Continuity from the DR site, all the data and information that is present in real time at the DC location should be replicated at the DR site. This can be done in two ways, one being synchronous and the other being asynchronous. bodHOST team, during the evaluation phase, will decide on the most optimized and best suited approach for your business, depending on critical parameters like performance and the availability of Data.

  • Network Setup

    bodHOST, after thorough research has come up with best practices and business solutions that are perfectly suited to different scenarios. For large businesses, bodHOST recommends MPLS connectivity that can be used to connect multiple branches together, with a Hub / Spoke Technology. When Disaster Strikes, the DR site takes over from the DC site as per bodHOST' well planned DR procedure which includes disaster deceleration process, emergency communication etc. To ensure smooth working of the switch over from DC to DR site, bodHOST follows the most stringent measures and recommends mock drills to DR regularly.

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