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Disaster Recovery (DR) refers to the strategy, policies, processes and procedures that an organization formulates and adopts in order to plan for the recovery and/or continuation of its critical technology infrastructure in the event of a catastrophic failure (typically assumed to be a natural or a human-induced disaster). The ultimate objective is business continuity.

Design of a Disaster Recovery System

Traditional disaster recovery is a complex endeavour, involving expensive capacity planning and cutover (switch-over) systems that meet the demands of business. The following is a typical example.

Disaster Recovery Design

Disaster Recovery traditionally relates to preserving the technology and information critical to an organization by setting up a remote Disaster Recovery location that takes regular backups, This alternate location can then ensure your business's continuity and support business function when calamity strikes.

Traditional DR is largely not affordable by businesses, specially small and medium sized as it involves duplicating the hardware infrastructure which will be hosted by a service provider in their facility. This process turns out to be not only expensive, but also time consuming and recovery time going upto days.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Enter bodHOST and our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). bodHOST's DRaaS is an affordable solution that empowers your business via cloud infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

We help you reduce costs by upto 70% with our pay-per-usage costing. With our cloud based disaster recovery services, the DR site is up and running immediately, whereas the physical DR site may take much longer time (even a few hours) to take over from the main site in the event of a disaster. Our Virtual Machine takes seconds to boot, thus ensuring minimum downtime, translating to almost no data loss. With bodHOST DRaaS, you do not have to worry about connectivity as our Intelligent Cloud requires no Manual Intervention.

We save your business costs by billing you only for the disk space used by you to maintain the DR site, and not for the entire server. Our DR cloud is scalable, thus ensuring availability of scalable resources for you, 24x7x365.

Benefits of bodHOST' DRaaS

  • Faster recovery

    Our DR enables full recovery within seconds of the disaster striking the main site. Now you no longer have to wait hours before your DR site is up and running and there almost zero chances of any data loss.
  • Saves Costs

    With our DRaaS, you save upto 70% of your business costs. Pay for the resources, only when you need them. Our backup Data Center functioning as the DR site uses only disk space, so you don't have to pay for the entire Server. Once your original site has been restored after the disaster, you can simply stop paying for the cloud servers.
  • Zero Downtime

    bodHOST DRaaS uses intelligent, auto scalable technology that results in zero downtime as the Hardware and Network glitches that may cause a delay are covered by our DR site. Also, since our DR site is up and running within minutes of the main site being hit by a disaster, chances of data loss are significantly reduced.

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