Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) comprises of outsourcing hosted desktop infrastructure and related software to a third party service provider. Installation of back-end infrastructure to support the Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) is the responsibility of the service provider. Desktop virtualization provides device independence enabling business agility without losing security and control.

With eNlight DaaS, organizations can further leverage our enterprise class infrastructure and ensure major cost savings with minimum capex and reduced opex. The capex involved in the purchase of hardware is reduced by replacing desktop infrastructure by a thin/ zero client which is connected to eNlight cloud. An individual virtual machine is assigned to each user. The user experience remains unchanged hence training is not at all needed. eNlight DaaS facilitates location independency and device independency as users can access from anywhere in the office or outside and from any other device. Users can use other devices to connect to their individual virtual machine by a static ip address. Each desktop is completely customizable as per need and with eNlight DaaS it can be accessed from anywhere anytime!

Benefits of DaaS :

Rapid implementation

The time required for provisioning a desktop and subsequent installation of software is drastically reduced as this process is completely automated with eNlight DaaS.

Pay as you go:

With eNlight DaaS there are no hidden costs involved and you pay only for the desktops you use. Costs are predictable and affordable.

Efficient management

The desktop infrastructure is centralized and easily managed with the eNlight cloud platform. The installation of hardware and software along with other day-to-day administrative tasks like application patches and upgrades is handled by us so you can just sit back and enjoy the hassle free experience.

Highly secured data

Typically data is stored in the local machine like a desktop or laptop but with eNlight Daas your mission critical data is hosted in our highly secured and robust data center facility. Hence, there is no possibility of any data theft, misuse or loss of data.

Scalable resources

The unique feature of eNlight DaaS is the ability to scale resources automatically as per the requirement in realtime. Thus it enables smooth allocation of RAM or CPU instantly and de-allocate when not utilized to ensure optimum usage of computing capacity. This also ensures that you are billed only for the resources consumed and not the resources allocated to a virtual machine.

Increased agility

eNlight Daas is an ideal solution for growing businesses where there is a constant or sudden need of adding more desktops to the current IT infrastructure as desktops can be provisioned rapidly and effortlessly as per need.

Decreased cost:

eNlight DaaS facilitates drastic reduction in IT infrastructure costs. Hardware infrastructure costs are minimized by leveraging the benefits of eNlight cloud platform that ensures optimum usage of compute resources.

  • Minimum capex

    The capital expenditure required to buy the hardware is drastically reduces as desktops are replaced by cheap thin/ zero clients and the back-end infrastructure is completely virtualized at our world class datacenter.
  • Lower power utilization

    Thin clients consume less power than desktop PC and the power consumed by the cloud infrastructure is taken care of by us. This ensures reduced overhead costs.
  • Cost effective disaster recovery solution

    In case of a disaster at the clients' location the data can be accessed by any device that can be connected to the eNlight cloud via a secure access.
  • Minimal administration cost

    The hosted infrastructure is centralized and administered by our staff hence you no longer need to employ staff for day-to-day administration tasks.
  • High security at lower cost

    There is no need to invest in costly security programs as with eNlight DaaS you can leverage the benefits of a highly secure network.
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