Datacenter Solutions (eMagic)

eMagic is an Automated Server Deployment and Management system developed by Bodhost for you. It is an all encompassing, end-to-end system which makes server management easy and efficient, without the need of contacting system administrators. eMagic Portal provides a central management platform that answers all your needs as Managed Service. A Web-based user interface, eMagic supports a wide range of Server management requirements, such as providing a provision to for rebooting servers, assigning IPs to the server within a few minutes and many more.

With Bodhost' eMagic, you can now take charge of your own servers, right from trouble shooting, monitoring, OS installations and rebooting. eMagic lets you easily manage your servers and lets you take actions to resolve any issue efficiently. With eMagic, you can significantly reduce the chances of errors and mismanagement, leading to drastic savings in the overall costs.

eMagic is a comprehensive tool that performs 3 most vital functions, namely Datacenter Management, Server Management and Server Monitoring. With a few clicks through a single control panel, you can:

  • View current server status, server ID, network configuration
  • Request additional IP's/ remove existing IP's
  • Monitor bandwidth usage
  • Install / reinstall OS
  • Configure server alerts to emails or SMS.
  • Reboot server
  • Power on / off server
  • Monitor inbound/outbound traffic on server
  • Monitor ISP, Server Rack and UPS logs

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