Cloud-Based Data Centers


The data center research organization Uptime Institute reports that 36 percent of the large companies it surveyed expect to exhaust IT capacity within the next 18 months.***

There have been predictions galore that the Cloud will eventually usher in the demise of the corporate data centers. In December 2011, Cisco released its first Global Cloud Index (see below) that foretells that all corporate applications will soon be delivered from the cloud.


Cisco estimates that global data center traffic — cloud and non-cloud — will grow four-fold from 2010 to 2015 and reach 4.8 zettabytes annually by 2015 — growing at a rate of 402 exabytes per month by that time. The cloud computing piece of it will grow 12-fold over the forecast period, and represent over one-third of all data center traffic by 2015. Further, Cisco predicts, more than 50% of all data center workloads will be processed in the cloud. Global cloud traffic will grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 66%, reaching 1.6 zettabytes by the end of 2015. That's a rate of 133 exabytes per month. Cisco further predicts that in two years, by 2014, the amount of workloads processed in cloud data centers (51%) will surpass those processed in traditional data centers (49%) for the first time. A year after that, cloud computing will grow to 57% of data center workloads.

The bottom line: All organizational data centers will be moving to the cloud in a big way

Data Center Design is not a walk in the park

Data center design is a complex undertaking, because data centers support mission critical applications, and – therefore – cannot afford to fail. As a result, top quality, fail-safe and redundant systems have to be woven into a complex infrastructure tapestry.

Data Center Design

These are neither your core competence, nor a rewarding enterprise for you to dabble in, without the tremendous expertise that is demanded of today's data center professionals.

Data Center as a Service

bodHOST takes away all your worry, and our experts design exactly the data center you need – in the Cloud, with topmost priority afforded to business continuity.

Data Center in the Cloud

We provide you with a "lights out" Tier-III data center in the cloud, that is:

  • Reliable:

    We use industrial grade power and cooling systems and offer a 100% Uptime service level agreement. This means you're always on.
  • Agile:

    Whether you need a single virtual server or megawatts of power, we have a solution that will satisfy your demands.
  • Cost-Effective:

    Because we design, build, and operate our data centers, we can take advantage of scale and pass along savings to our customers.

We provide carrier neutrality, total scalability, excellent environmental control, elimination of metal whiskers, fire protection, physical security, Internet security, energy use analysis, computational fluid dynamics analysis, thermal zone mapping, and much more.

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*** Niccolai, James. "Data Centers Turn to Outsourcing to Meet Capacity Needs,", May 10, 2011.

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