We have always looked to help the healthcare industry by solving their problems through advanced technologies. With COVID-19 pandemic on the rise, we have come up with a technological solution, named AA+ (Anytime Anywhere)COVID-19 Testing Solution supported by the team of AI-specialists and radiologists. This developed Solution is an AI-enabled and cost-effective tool that indicateswhether a person is COVID-19 positive or negative just by scanning the chest X-ray. This uniqueSolution aims to reduce the testing time from hours to minutes and eliminate the present problem of the slow testing process.This Solution has achieved Model Accuracy of 96% and in the future with more X-rays, this Solution aims to have an accuracy of 99.9%.

Key Advantages

By adopting this unique technology-based Solution, the following set of benefits are delivered as compared to the conventional testing method

Reduced Testing Time

With this tool, the estimated time for testing one patient gets reduced to less than 5 minutes. With bulk testing in place, the testing time can be reduced even further

Cost-Effective Solution

This is a very cost-effective Solution, including the X-ray cost as compared to the traditional methods for COVID-19 testing.

Contactless Testing

The healthcare workers don’t need to approach the patient for testing physically and the test results are delivered by an Email or SMS to the patient.

Rapid Testing

This Solution can be easily implemented anytime, anywhere, just by having basic X-rays and other computer devices. This ultimately results in rapid testing of the patient and minimizing the spread of the Coronavirus.

Multi-layer Testing

This Solution can be used for multi-layer testing such as- during the treatment phase or before dispatching the patient


The Solution can be easily implementable and scalable across the entire nation as it needs only a Chest X-ray along with our online portal.This Solution can also enhance the testing rates in locations with a low of the healthcare workforce.

How to Use

Simple 3 step contactless process that anyone can use.

Collect the x-ray Image

Upload the image

Click Verify and get the result

Deployment of AA+ COVID-19 Testing Solution

AA+ COVID-19 Testing Solution is available in both- as a web application and a web API that can be deployed in rapid time. The Solution can be deployed globally quickly since it is highly scalable. The testing solution can also be used for prioritizing the suspect patients in countries where there is a considerable constraint of resources.


AA+ COVID-19 Testing Solution aims to reduce the workload of any health workforce by enabling rapid detection.