bodHOST Cloud Expertise

bodHOST Cloud Computing gives businesses the assurance that their hosted websites or applications are operating at optimal efficiency and that their data is secure. bodHOST Cloud solutions available on various platforms such as VMware, eNlight and Hyper-V are perfect for businesses that want instant scalability, flexibility, high availability along with total control over the Cloud.

A Cloud-based solution from bodHOST eliminates hardware costs, hardware maintenance, upfront license costs, as well as upgrade costs and hassles generally involved with traditional hosting methods. With Cloud Computing, not only is the overall expenditure reduced, but the saved investment can be better utilized on to recurring operations expenditure.

Our experienced team of professionals make it easy for businesses intending to move to the Cloud by providing a clear migration plan and strategy. Backed by the expertise and personnel to do the move quickly and hassle free, we can chart out a course for moving your business and mission-critical data on to a Cloud-based solution.

Our team of Cloud experts can also help you determine the right strategy for your business including Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) models by assessing and advising on which Cloud technology is ideally suited to your needs based on various parameters such as security, capacity, cost, and needs.

Leveraging benefits from the best of available technologies, we work with our clients to chalk out a solution and implement it seamlessly. With Cloud Solutions, our aim is to help clients minimize their capital expenditure, achieve greater performance, gain control and thereby simplify & grow their business processes.

bodHOST enables clients to leverage the benefits of innovative pricing model and offers complete transparency in resource consumption. We enable clients to reduce their IT expenditure by choosing the right cloud technology which enables lower capex as well as reduced opex. Clients can now focus on their core business without worrying about maintenance and operations by leveraging benefits of automation.

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