Build your Datacenter (Turnkey Solutions)

If you are looking for a world class Datacenter with tight time margins, Bodhost' Turnkey Datacenter Solution is the perfect answer to all your needs. Bodhost specializes in delivering these ready Datacenters in a few months' time with state-of-the-art facilities and sufficient capacity for future expansion plans. Bodhost' primary objective is to ensure that all the Datacenter Services be packaged together in perfect harmony to be delivered to you as a unified service. Bodhost is responsible for the start to finish processes, including consulting, design, operations etc.

Bodhost makes large demand-driven speculative investments in "plug-in ready" Datacenter space for clients with immediate requirements. Our turnkey Datacenter enables customers to rapidly move forward with Datacenter projects using wholesale space. We provide advanced cooling, power, redundancy, and sustainability features to ensure that critical applications are available while optimizing energy efficiency. Bodhost features metered power to ensure that you pay only for the power you use.

With Bodhost's Datacenter Turnkey Solutions, you can now simplify your operations while drastically cutting ownership costs. Let Bodhost take care of your Datacenter needs for you, so that you can focus and grow in your Core Competencies, while being delivered a move-in ready, state-of-the-art facility, perfectly suited to your needs.

bodHOST provides you exceptional IT and Physical Management thorughout the Engagement Lifecycle. Once your own Datacenter is up and running, bodHOST gaurantees 24*7*365 support which includes monitoring of the Datacenter as well as regular, scheduled maintenance to ensure that your Datacneter is always Optimized. Our services include:

  • System Administration, Maintenance & Management Services.
  • Network Management Services
  • Storage Administration and Management Services
  • Security Administration and Management Services
  • Physical Security Services
  • Backup and Restoration Services
  • Database Management
  • Application Management
  • Preventive Maintenance Services
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