VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting?

VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting

 bodHOST helps you decide.

Learn about reasons to switch and which type of hosting you should pick!

 Why would you need a hosting upgrade?

When you create your first website or blog, you usually go for shared hosting. It’s cheap, easy and fits all your needs. But, as time goes by and your site grows in content and in number of visits, shared hosting might become too small for you. It may not be able to take all the visitors you get at once and could crash your site. Nobody likes that! If that happens, or you think it might happen soon, it’s time to upgrade to better hosting.

Before switching…

1. Be aware that both VPS and dedicated hosting are a lot more expensive than shared hosting

2. Be prepared for the switch and don’t wait for the last moment to do it

3. Make your site the best for your readers and upgrade to server that will make it work the best


VPS hosting

1. VPS hosting is in between shared and dedicated hosting – you share a main server with other customers, but it’s separated into multiple server and each customer gets its own.

2. You can easily install any operating system on your server.

3. With high access VPS has, you can install almost any software that can be installed on the OS that you picked.

4. VPS hosting is unmanaged hosting, which means users can manage their own servers by themselves.


1. Complete control over your servers, allowing you to customize them any way you want.

2. Full control also means you can add any software and application needed for good performance of your web sites.

3. You can also install anti-virus software of your choice that fits your needs the best and defends your sites.


1. Managing VPS requires some set of skills that you might not have and need to hire someone to do it, which then makes it more expensive.

Dedicated server hosting

Dedicated hosting allows you to rent an entire server for your site, without having to share it with anyone, which assures the best performance and minimum downtime. It’s best pick for large businesses.

Depending on your hosting provider, you can usually pick from a whole range of packages based on the amount of control you have, from fully managed to unmanaged, with several options in between.

Fully managed hosting means your provider will handle everything. Unmanaged hosting allows you and your employers to take care of whole administration.


1. Dedicated server allows you to install larger software, usually necessary for large eCommerce sites and similar.
2. Sites on dedicated servers work faster
3. Websites can store users’ personal information completely safe
4. Websites perform better when facing unusually high traffic
5. Easily add more server and storage space without any server downtime


1. Most expensive hosting, and requires even more technical skills, especially if you decide to manage it all by yourself.

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