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Delivering Continuous Innovation via DevOps

No business is immune from rapidly changing conditions. In today’s market, anything less than continuous innovation can put a business in danger. Fast wireless and faster fiber ensure that companies can connect with their customers a wink of an eye or respond to a tweet within a fraction of second. With such pace of the moving market, is your IT infrastructure prepared to engage the audience at that speed?

Delivering Continuous Innovation via DevOps

Infrastructure isn’t all about servers and apps rather a combination of developers, business leaders, and operations and security teams that work in tandem. Their main goal lies in automation improvement and accelerating the delivery of software for managing the critical functions of a business. read more

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Thinking of Migrating to Cloud – Check out these Crucial Pointers

Companies are steadily migrating to the cloud. One of the major factors that contribute to this is greater scalability, flexibility and financial security. According to a recent survey, companies run 79% of their workloads in the cloud owing to the redundancies that offer as close as 100% uptime.

cloud migration

Start Simple

There is no doubt that cloud computing is a powerful tool. It has created many options and opportunities to improve the internal mechanism of a company. Still, let’s not get hasty. Before you think about migration, begin by doing some research and assessing your company’s cloud computing needs. read more

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Quantum Computing – a Hoax or Reality?

quantum-computing-a-hoax-or-realityGoogle would progress faster than expected in the construction of a first quantum system, which can exceed the performance of a conventional supercomputer. So is this a real starting signal of quantum computing?

Somewhere in California, Google built a machine that will guide in a new era of computing. If it proves correct, it would have major consequences for the industry. Google’s interest in the quantum computing is not new – the company has invested heavily in this area, the work progress of the search giant is more so. Some scientists suggest that machine could be ready by the end of 2017. The objective of the company is simple: show once and for all that quantum computer can make obsolete the most powerful supercomputers, in short, the demonstration of quantum supremacy. read more

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Augmented Reality: Pokémon Go is just the beginning!

Augmented RealityThe excitement surrounding Pokémon Go puts the augmented reality technology to the forefront: Now comes the breakthrough? Even in industry and logistics, Augmented Reality (AR) offers mass applications.

The Mobile Game Pokémon Go is currently the most successful smartphone app in the World and the media stir up the hype with new stories. Due to the massive rush to the mobile AR game that is officially available in several countries, the server developer Niantic now goes regularly to its knees. read more

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Can the CIO Position be Saved?

Can-the-CIO-Position-be-SavedToday’s world is ever changing and so is the role of the CIO these days. Now they have to incorporate cloud computing, but simultaneously, shouldn’t relinquish their control over the way their systems handle processing, storage and retention of data.

The roles have evolved CIOs

In today’s business market, CIOs  have been afforded the luxury of regaining control of the situation. In the past, rogue clouds were the real deal. Departments used to go around IT specialists in order to merge with SaaS and IaaS cloud providers. Things have gradually changed, because  IT  has to deal with the fact that there are literally hundreds of cloud services that are now required to have these managers look after them. read more

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