Shape Advocacy with Top 5 Cloud Telephony Trends in 2017

Few years back, the call centers appeared to be rows of phone lines connected to a PBX (private branch exchange) which routed the calls via fixed external lines. When cloud-based communication flooded the IT sector, it delivered some highly vital solutions to the call center industry. Therefore, the call centers quickly adapted to cloud telephony.

Owning and maintaining a PBX was expensive prior to cloud’s introduction.  After cloud calling service was launched, it reduced the expenses of the PBX with a few additional perks.  In the past, there were limited called lines but cloud telephony offers voice broadcast and response automation and also, the agents don’t need to be available physically in the center. Enterprises were quick to choose cloud telephony when it was new for marketing outreach and later it was adopted by advocacy groups. Today it is slowly probing campaigns globally with analytics-based solutions reached through data mining.

This year cloud telephony will bring an improvement in the lives of the general public. As the internet quality is improving, cloud communication is highly reliable similar to existing telecommunication networks and also cheaper to boot. Let’s check some trends cloud telephony would offer in spheres of advocacy in 2017.

Peer-to-peer messaging –

First opened as a platform, cloud calling services worked where third-party telecom applications were accessible via internet for voice communication.  With the arrival of WebRTC, data, audio and video communication establishment is possible between two clients through web browsers. Due to such type of decentralized systems, the information is controlled and the systems are judged to be highly secure. In 2017, peer-to-peer model web-based software and applications will be preferred by campaigns to keep their data within the organization.

Distributed volunteers –

Access to the simple cloud software, like CallHub, is promising simply through web browser. Due to this, campaigns become flexible for recruiting agents aligned to their interests. The non-profits and advocacy groups are opting for cloud telephony because it enables volunteers log in from any location to generate calls. This trend will continue in this year and there would be more campaigns running from the cloud, with agents joining in on the move.

Marketplace for agents –

The trend of recruiting agents through cloud will grow in 2017 and so having agents across the globe will lead to scalability of campaigns at high rate. Having agents across the globe, permits campaigns in scaling at higher rate. For instance, a campaign for cause-related petition needs a hundred French-speaking volunteers within a week. This sort of recruitment is equipped by rigorous directory of qualified agents associated to the cause.

Using data to map volunteers to people –

Cloud telephony helps to make smarter decision to businesses by using the collected data which is one of the major advantages. Since last few years, even political spaces have started analyzing data through tools for similar efforts. Using data based on occupation, personality type, political alignment or simply any factor to connect over, a call can be assigned to the right agent by cloud telephony software. This leads to improvement in conversion rates for any business. Since 2017, the ability for better personalization over calls will be dependent on the development of real-time analytics-based solutions.

Intelligent prediction of time to call –

Sorting the calling list based on the location and time can be done with data. Past instances of getting calls answered help in improving the predictions. Due to this, there is increase in conversion rates with the chances of getting responses. Several organizations will make a shift to cloud based telephony services for fundraising, canvassing and volunteer mobilization for advocacy-related activities.

Cloud telephony has recently got popular and extended beyond territory of enterprise solutions to other domains. This year would be an epic year for cloud services as previous and surely there would be some unique innovations in the area of cloud telephony.

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