Right Time for Switching to VPS Hosting

Right Time for Switching to VPS Hosting


VPS or Virtual Private Server depicts a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. Technically, it is both shared as well as dedicated hosting. VPS works similar to the technology of Virtual Box or VMware which allow you to run multiple virtualized operating systems on a single machine.  VPS acts like a complete server and allows you to install OS and applications of your choice and requirement. Let’s look out when you can choose a VPS hosting or when is the VPS hosting suitable to you.

  1. Heavy Traffic – When your business grows, it’s naturally that your website will get more traffic. Your hosting provider might send you notification when you start pulling more resources from the shared server – this is one of the indication that you need to switch on to increased server capacity. Also, your page load time and visitor traffic would be an excellent indicator to switch on to VPS.
  2. Run Specific Applications – If you want the freedom of customization of your server or need increased technically flexible environment as compared to shared hosting. You will get a complete access for installing and deleting software, creating accounts, setting permissions and determining your customized environment.
  3. Secured Hosting Environment – Implementation of better backups, ability to advance monitoring and enhancement in security features are some of the major indications in terms of secured hosting environment.
  4. Website Branding – Website branding is a must for any business to be well-known to the audience. And if you want to do a better branding of your website with private name servers and dedicated IP addresses then it’s better to move to VPS hosting.
  5. Better Reliability – Stable resource stream is required for improved reliability.
  6. User Control – Management of multiple clients’ websites is essential, if they are hosted on your own account. With VPS hosting you are able to have better control over user access as well as allows to give your clients access to the servers.

You may start your website with dedicated or shared hosting services but ultimately as your business will expand and traffic to your site will increase you will be forced to shift on VPS hosting. You simple need to be alert while choosing the right one suitable to your preferences. So, what are you waiting for? If you are facing the above problems then surely it’s right time to move to VPS hosting.

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