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Planning to Become a Reseller Host? You Should Know This!


Web development and designing have increasing demands today and therefore, the web hosting business is booming too especially, in reseller hosting.

Entrepreneurs, as well as business owners, are grabbing the benefits of this growth opportunity by starting their own reseller hosting company to help them create high-income flow to their brand. Since its startup plan is quite low and is easy to get started, reseller hosting is gaining importance in the web hosting industry.

If you are a web designer and thinking of starting a new additional income source, becoming a reseller host would be the best. You might have several reasons to go for reseller hosting but here are top 10 FAQs which you should know prior to starting your reseller hosting business – read more

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A Complete Reseller Hosting Guide – Don’t Miss On This

Reseller Hosting Guide

Planning to start your own hosting company or need a large site to handle all your requirements? Don’t think too much as reseller would be the ideal solution for you. With reseller hosting you can buy the resources from a web hosting company and offer hosting services to end users. You simply need to put a reseller at the intermediate position between parent web hosting company and the end users.

To start your business, you will require to buy server space and large amount of bandwidth and then divide it into small parts for reselling them. It’s quite logical that you have to offer it at low price to stay firm in the business competition. read more

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Shared or Reseller Web Hosting – Here’s What You Need to Know?

Shared or Reseller – Here’s What You Need to Know?

Shared or Reseller? This question might have stricken your mind several times. But choosing between the two depends on the user type and also, it’s significant to know what each of them entails. The basic difference according to many people is that in shared hosting, you shared the server with thousands of other sites and in reseller hosting, you are still sharing your server with approximately hundred websites. However, you are still on shared hosting then it might be basic shared hosting account or reseller hosting account. read more

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Get Profits With Linux Reseller Web Hosting (Part- II)

Linux reseller web hosting is well known as cpanel reseller hosting. Maximum resellers prefer Linux reseller hosting. Linux is a popular open source operating system for a large number of existing online business owners and also a large number of upcoming online business owners. The demand of Linux reseller hosting is growing as per the growth of the web hosting market. The cause of the huge demand for Linux reseller hosting is its easily affordability, good stability, excellent security and huge popularity. read more

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Get Profits With Linux Reseller Web Hosting

In the web hosting market, there are many kinds of web hosting plans. One of them allows you cheapest web hosting, one of them allows you flexible web hosting etc. But there is one more unique hosting plan which allows you to earn money with web hosting business, that is reseller hosting. Reseller hosting owners don’t have to setup an expensive data center or they don’t have to buy and maintain web servers even they don’t have to hire any technician to handle technical issues. In case of reseller hosting your hosting provider would be responsible for everything related technical to issues, maintenance, monitoring etc. And the reseller hosting owner can only concentrate on promoting his business. One more good point about reseller hosting is that reseller hosting owner gets more freedom and flexibility to create a good business strategy, promote their business and also concentrate on their core business. read more

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