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Thinking of Migrating to Cloud – Check out these Crucial Pointers

Companies are steadily migrating to the cloud. One of the major factors that contribute to this is greater scalability, flexibility and financial security. According to a recent survey, companies run 79% of their workloads in the cloud owing to the redundancies that offer as close as 100% uptime.

cloud migration

Start Simple

There is no doubt that cloud computing is a powerful tool. It has created many options and opportunities to improve the internal mechanism of a company. Still, let’s not get hasty. Before you think about migration, begin by doing some research and assessing your company’s cloud computing needs. read more

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International Women’s Day: It’s time for Women Entrepreneurship

Wishing a happy women’s day to all the strong and special creation of God! It is truly obligatory to felicitate women entrepreneurs who have endured a hard life, have risen from ashes and made an impact on society. She is no less than an actor who performs different roles throughout her life with devotion and without any expectation.

International Women’s Day

It is that day of the year when we all stop to celebrate the essence of life itself. We stop to celebrate Women’s day to thank them, for their sacrifice, their love, their understanding and comforting. Mostly, we all celebrate International Women’s Day for just celebrating the presence of women in this world. On this women’s day let’s appreciate and salute women entrepreneurs driven by her dreams and determination. Ones who have set a benchmark of excellence in every sector and have dedicated themselves to achieving excellence and delivering unexpected output. She believes that education is the true tool of freedom. This International Women’s Day, she urges women to look outside their homes and dare. read more

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Game Changing Features and Tricks About Windows 10 Anniversary Update


Recently, Windows 10 has released its Anniversary Update and millions of users are running it. Windows 10 combines the super-fast startup and improved security of Windows 8 which was made familiar and easy to use, by Windows 7 without forcing you to buy a touch screen or learn a whole set of hidden UI gestures.

If you are a computer geek then tweaking the OS is always a fun. So, let’s check out what’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update has for you –

The GodMode

GodMode, the name sounds awesome and brings up a special menu that puts several settings together in one place. You will need to create a new folder anywhere on the root drive and rename it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. A special icon will be created and when you click on it, it will show you a beautiful advanced control panel. read more

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DCNS Data Leakage: A Misfired Torpedo?

DCNS-Data-Leakage-A-Misfired-Torpedo22,400 documents containing confidential technical data related submarines built by DCNS have leaked. This is a serious warning sign to the business of a world’s leader in Naval Defense.

Data loss suffered by the DCNS, the French industrial group whose 64% state owned by France government. The company who is specialized in Naval Defense and Energy employees more than 13,000 employees in 10 countries. Though, it’s too early to say anything but the case is serious for the defense industry. An Australian newspaper, “The Australian”, appears to have had access to 22,400 secret documents containing technical information on the “Scorpene” class submarines. The group told that “the national safety authorities are investigating the matter”. An investigation that will determine the exact nature of having leaked information and the potential harm and of course that the responsibilities. read more

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Reveal the Top Ten Biggest Stories in the Virtualization World

It’s a known fact that server virtualization still remains a significant business for VMware and Microsoft but 2015 saw several big changes in the world of virtualization. So here are top ten biggest stories of 2015 in the virtualization world.

KVM Server Virtualization Gains Boost

The challenge of VM being an interesting latent threat to the server virtualization business of VMware for years, became dynamic this year. Nutanix announced the launch of it’s KVM-based open-source hypervisor in June. In addition, the company also unveiled the technology that migrates VMware-based workloads to KVM and Microsoft Hyper-V automatically. read more

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