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Shape Advocacy with Top 5 Cloud Telephony Trends in 2017

Few years back, the call centers appeared to be rows of phone lines connected to a PBX (private branch exchange) which routed the calls via fixed external lines. When cloud-based communication flooded the IT sector, it delivered some highly vital solutions to the call center industry. Therefore, the call centers quickly adapted to cloud telephony.

Owning and maintaining a PBX was expensive prior to cloud’s introduction.  After cloud calling service was launched, it reduced the expenses of the PBX with a few additional perks.  In the past, there were limited called lines but cloud telephony offers voice broadcast and response automation and also, the agents don’t need to be available physically in the center. Enterprises were quick to choose cloud telephony when it was new for marketing outreach and later it was adopted by advocacy groups. Today it is slowly probing campaigns globally with analytics-based solutions reached through data mining. read more

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Current State of SaaS

Current State of SaaS

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Software as a Service (SaaS) vs. Traditional Applications


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Cyber Security Awareness – What Should You Do?


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SMB’s are heading towards Virtualization



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