Before Hiring a Web Hosting Company

With a seemingly endless choice of hosting service providers in the market and varied price ranges, it is a herculean task to compare service providers and choose the best one for your website needs. Here is some crucial Web hosting knowledge to ask a Web hosting company before hiring them.

Before Hiring a Web Hosting Company

Get the accurate picture of storage capacity. Few GB of storage is great for Small and medium size sites. Some companies may offer unlimited volume after applying certain conditions.  Get a plan that best suits your Website needs.

  • Amount of bandwidth

Bandwidth and storage go hand-in-hand. Web hosting bandwidth is the amount of collective data that company will let you and visitors download or upload in a given month. Keep an eagle eye on bandwidth consumption as once the limit of bandwidth is exhausted, the host will charge you according to the amount of visitors or data consumed.

  • Email & ecommerce features

Many service providers offer multiple email accounts for domains. Check their email receiving/sending interface, ability to integrate with other emails, facility to receive emails in your favorite client via IMAP, Outlook, or just POP. For the ecommerce sites, confirm if the company offers dedicated IP, SSL certification, and one-click shopping cart software installation.

  • Number of domains and subdomains

Subdomains are needed if your site needs to have a blog or a blog plus other website. So, instead of having a hosting account for each site get multiple domains from a single dashboard. Ensure if there is any limit on managing domains/ subdomains from a single account.

  • Database Management & Support

Ensure that there is alignment and integration with your site and hosting company’s system. Also make sure that your hosting service provider offers you the type of database system you are used to it.

  • Support for Frameworks and CMS

Not every host supports every blogging/content system or framework. Check if your Web hosting service provider offers compatibility with your preferred framework and also offers install facility in a single click.

  • Proper Backup & Security Services

Cyber criminals, malware, software bugs and hard disk failures may cause data loss from the sites. Hence, you should ensure a proper backup mechanism with an authentic backup system.

  • Do they have Guaranteed Uptime?

Power outages, equipment failures or some internet blackout can result in downtime. A good hosting company offers 99.999 percent of uptime or even better than this.


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