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Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud vs. Hybrid Cloud Storage: Choose the Best for Your Business

Each type of cloud storage has its pros and cons. Here is how to make the right choice for your business. Nowadays running programs and storing information on the cloud has become a standard practice.

As per sources, Companies that leverage the cloud grow 19.3% faster than their competitors. Therefore today, more than 95% of businesses are running applications or using cloud storage.

But do you know that there are various types of cloud-storage solutions which are suited to different business needs? When determining your cloud storage needs, consider the path that is leading you to the cloud-storage solution. Here are the three decision paths most customers are on: read more

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Before Hiring a Web Hosting Company

With a seemingly endless choice of hosting service providers in the market and varied price ranges, it is a herculean task to compare service providers and choose the best one for your website needs. Here is some crucial Web hosting knowledge to ask a Web hosting company before hiring them.

Before Hiring a Web Hosting Company

  • Storage capacity the Web Hosting Company Offers

Get the accurate picture of storage capacity. Few GB of storage is great for Small and medium size sites. Some companies may offer unlimited volume after applying certain conditions.  Get a plan that best suits your Website needs. read more

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How Hackers Can Steal Your Confidential Business Data?

anatomy of cyber attacks

Not a single day goes without any cyber-attack news and the frequency too seems on increasing.  Looking at this situation, a question that comes into your mind is that are the adversaries getting better or are our defenses getting weaker or is the number of online enemies increasing?

The answer to this question is quite difficult. Cyber-enemies are swelling in terms of number and threat players are becoming more sophisticated. Even federal agencies across the board, from the Postal Service of U.S. and Veterans Affairs to the Pentagon and White House haven’t escaped from the security breaches. Though the cyber-attacks on some high profiles like the Office of Personnel Management steal the eye of public as well as the news headline, today’s dangers with threat environment are echoing government around the globe. read more

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Is Cloud Computing Fostering the Business Agility?

Business Agility

There’s lot talk about business agility and cloud computing. Business though are speedily moving to cloud, they aren’t aware that only those would get a chance to explore new opportunities who will combine business agility with cloud computing.

What is exactly business agility? Do we really know the real meaning of it? It is the businesses’ ability to respond to changes in the business environment in rapid adaption and cost efficient way. After understanding what business agility is, the next question that comes to your mind is how to achieve this agility? It can be achieved by quick adoption of goods and services for meeting customer demands. But when relating agility to cloud computing it looks like the relation is always going to be volatile. The future would be that only those companies creating a foundational business strategy depending on the agility will be the only best performers of the current global-economy. read more

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Internet of things – is it a new source of competitiveness for industries?

IoT The Internet of things is bringing additional sources of income to the industries through the development of new services associated with the products. But the major outlet remains the possibility for companies to improve the efficiency of their industrial processes.

Connected objects are gradually invading our lives; the best examples are – Apple iWatch and Google Glasses. In fact, everyone now has an idea of how the so called “Internet of Things” will change our lives. The impact on the business worlds, however, is much less clear in their minds. Last year, Goldman Sachs and the Economist Intelligence Unit conducted studies that give a spotlight on the contribution of connected devices in the industrial sector. read more

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