Decreasing Operating Costs With The Use Of Virtual Private Server Hosting

Decreasing Operating Cost with Virtual Machines

In the technological crazed society that is today, small businesses and startups face great difficultly attempting to compete with their bigger and wealthier counterparts. Many small business owners will opt for Windows apps and software, in order to manage, operate and promote their businesses. This was not possible in the past, as a hosted dedicated server would have been a necessity. Although the business may be small, the operating and maintenance costs can still be massive. This is especially true, when it comes to maintaining dedicated servers.

Thankfully, there is an alternative. The Windows VPS offers a cheaper and user-friendlier option, which will allow the business to save and make more money.

What Is Virtual Private Server Hosting?

VPS hosting is simply a phrase, which is frequently used to identify several virtual servers. These servers are hosted on a single physical server. This gives you the ability to run several virtual operating systems on a single machine. As an example, you should be able to turn your VPS in a Windows XP, despite being run from a Linux or Windows 7 machine.

When a company is utilizing more than a single server, they’re likely utilizing much more space and power. A virtual server can help tremendously. With this alternative, the business will be able to benefit in a handful of different ways. These benefits will be explored in greater detail below.

More Cost Effective – Since a VPS only consumes a small portion of the server, it will prove to be cost effective. When compared to operating several physical servers, the differential is substantial. Therefore, making the switch to a VPS is ideal for all small and startup businesses.

Segregated – When using a VPS, each server is completely separated from one another. If something goes wrong with one, it will bother the others and this will prove to be exceptionally helpful.

Performance – Since everything is separated, this will allow each server to have its own RAM and CPU. The server’s performance will not depend on the traffic flowing to other servers. Instead, your server will remain quick and power, regardless.

Freedom – When switching to a VPS, you will gain an immense amount of freedom. You will be able to add any server applications that you desire and this includes PHP, MySQL and Apache. This is the case, because you will become the owner of the VPS and will be able to use it as you desire.

Security – With a VPS, your server’s security will be enhanced significantly. This is true, because it will have its other resources and operating system. You will have no concern of other websites being able to access to your files!

Your Own Mail Server – Spam is one of the worst and more detrimental problems associated with business emails. If your email server gets listed as spam, you’re going to be in hot water. The good news is that a VPS will provide you with a dedicated mail server, so you will never have to worry about this problem.

Tech Support – Your hosting provider will go above and beyond to provide you with rapid response customer support. This is true regardless of your hosting type, so you can rest assured that you’d always have someone there to back you up!

Although the VPS is undoubtedly tremendously beneficial, it does have a few minor cons. When comparing the pros and cons, the majority of business owners will agree that the pros massively outweigh the cons and will opt for a VPS. One thing to look out for is the provider. Some will actually assign the same IP addresses to several customers. This could very well result in problems and should be avoided, at all costs. Avoiding this is pertinent, since a shady site on the same IP could get your site blacklisted by the major search engines.


All in all, business owners have a lot of decisions to make and their online presence is paramount. With this in mind, it is highly recommended that you make the switch to the VPS. It will provide you with an assortment of benefits and you will never have to worry about spending excessively! In fact, it’ll help your company take more control over their online activities, while also saving money.

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